Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
how does your garden grow?

A program that procedurally generates mid-century modern aesthetic style flowers made for #procjam 2018. It will generate both minimalist and maximalist flower groupings.

space - pause program
c - generate a new group of flowers


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I think I would like a wallpaper with some of these designs on it. :)

What a nice compliment, thank you! :)

Crashes on  OS X Mojave, app does not open.

Thanks for letting me know! I haven't upgraded yet which may be the issue, but I'll see if I can find some online help for Processing regarding this.

Enough people were having issues with the executable version that I converted it to an online tool, so you should be able to run it from this page now. Thanks again for letting me know about the issue!

any possibility of this app saving as .SVG?  It's a really nice looking set of pictures, would LOVE to be able to stretch these out a mile if necessary or animate them as .SVG.

That's an awesome idea and looks to be fairly simple with Processing, so I'll try to get it up and running after I figure out all these executable issues. :)

I like the browser-based tool!  Still wish it would output .SVG - I can totally see this as a way of creating backgrounds for things.  Yeah, I can do it by hand.  Do I want to?   Nope   :D:D:D:D:D:D